Featured Karting Facility

In our continuing efforts to promote the sport of karting, we are expanding our "Featured Article" to include karting facilities. Our first Featured Article on Karting Facilities is on New York Race Complex which is owned and operated by Marco Oldhafer. 

Website: www.nyracecomplex.com

Phone:  (732) 850-1893
E-mail: Info@thefseries.com

Mailing Address: 300 Mills Rd, Morristown, NY 13664
GPS: 295 High St, Morristown, New York 13664

What is the length and width of the track?
•    1200 meter, 4040 Ft, 7/8 of a mile   9.5 Meters wide   29 FT
What is the type and configuration of the track?
•    Asphalt Road course. We do have an oval but do not plan on using it in 2018.
What type of karts compete at the facility?
•    2 stroke and 4 stroke karts.  We currently do not have plans for bike events in 2018.
Is there a Kart Rental fleet at the facility?
•    We do not have a rental fleet but will offer competition kart rentals this coming season.
Does the facility have a parts / service shop for karts?
•    We do not have a full service shop but will have all consumables on site from May to Nov. Plans are set to have this in 2019. 
•    Fuel, chains, oil, sprockets, spark plugs, fuel line, tie wraps, tires and other items non specific to a certain kart.
Does the facility have a food concession stand?
•    We will have food services available at all major scheduled events in 2018 but not a permanent building.
Does the facility have bathrooms or portable toilets?
•    We have modest toilet facilities for both male and female and they are permanent. For larger events, we have added portable toilets.
What organizations hold events at the facility?
•    F-Series, six race club championship, Vintage karting Association, NCKC and Canadian Karting Challenge are requesting dates but have not confirmed.
What makes the facility unique?
•    I would say the smooth and fast flowing layout as that was the feedback from the racers that attended the first race. The track is very wide and gives drivers the option of a variety of driving lines that create some pretty cool on track battles. The location is amazing, being two hours from Montreal and minutes from Canada, it will bring two communities together. The location is only 20 minutes from Alexandria Bay. If you have been here, you will know what I mean. If not, the river and surrounding area are really something else.
•     I will add one thing, 2018 improvements that are already scheduled include finishing the rest of the curbing by June including four large apex curbs (600 additional feet). Drop off areas will get additional grass / concrete, 1000 ft of additional fencing. We will be starting construction on 100 ft 20 unit rental garages that will include new bathroom facilities and scale house. Automated entry gates. Enlarging pit area and road system in pits. Additional Flagger stations and additional 300 ft of barriers.   

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