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Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote the sport of karting and to be a resource of karting information for those looking to Get Started.  We focus on karting news and information from the Northeast which we consider to be Illinois to Tennessee to North Carolina to Maine. 

We believe that if the event promoters and series owners work together, it will allow for a more successful racing experience for everyone involved.

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Looking for a place to race this weekend? Our Consolidated Event Schedule shows you where the racing is. Use the Schedule link above to see the full schedule. 

Here are some of our latest website updates:

  • Schedules Page

    • A Consolidated 2019 Event Schedule is in the works.

  • Teams & Driver Page

    • Zachery Fassett, Greg Fassett, Will Salisbury, Alan Elwood, Chase Outcault, Christian Rutty, Keith Gaw, Kevin Medlin, Matthew Winter II, Matthew Gibson, Darren Long, Miles Prower Masse, Wyatt Jarvis-Comi, Caleb Jarvis-Comi, Trentin & Zavrina Frederick, Brendan Burcroff, Bayne Bennett, Noah Hayden have been added. If you would like to be added to our Driver Page, use the link on the top of the Driver Page to submit your photo. 

  • Tracks Page

  • Manufacturer Page the following have been added:

    • Chassis section:

      • Swiss Hutless, DR Karts, Solo Kart, GGR Karts, GP, Birel, Ricciardo Kart, Zanardi, Maranello Racing Kart

    • Seats section:

      • NEK Race Seats, Max Pro Race Seat

    • Tires section:

      • Vega Tires, Envico Tires

    • Helmet section:

      • HJC, Arai, Bell, Simpson​

  • Kart Shop Page

    • Victory Karting has been added.

Get Started

Get Started:

How do I get started in Karting?
FIRST. I would recommend you go down to one of your local events to see exactly what go kart racing is all about. Meet the people who run the event. They will be able to give you some great information on how to get started. Talk with some of the competitors to get their perspective on the sport. It is a family oriented sport that is a great way to spend the day together.
SECOND. Make sure you meet with the vendors. They will be your best resource to help you get the equipment you will need to start racing. You will need a go kart, driver safety equipment (see the list below) and a way to get back and forth to the track. Some people have trailers, while other use a pickup truck or small van.
THIRD. Figure out what class you will be competing in. Competition classes are based on age and engine type. The younger drivers have less options than the adult drivers. It really comes down to how much of a racing budget you have. In most cases, the bigger your budget, the faster you will be able to go. See the list of classes below.

Driver Safety Gear
​Helmet: Must be Snell, SFI or BSI certified and manufactured within the last 10 years. Helmets without this certification or older than 10 years are not allowed. DOT helmets are not allowed.  Open face helmets are NOT allowed.
Gloves: Full coverage gloves are required at all times during practice and competition.
Neck Collars: Specifically designed for racing are required at all times.  
Driving Suits or Jackets and Pants: A one or two piece driving suit of heavy weight abrasion resistant nylon, leather or vinyl material is recommended. Otherwise a heavy weight abrasion resistant nylon, leather or vinyl material jacket and full length heavy weight pants are mandatory.
Race Shoes: Racing shoes or leather shoes that cover the ankle are needed to protect the drivers feet.
Rib Protectors: Mandatory for all drivers 15 yrs and younger and highly recommended for ALL other drivers.
Chest Protectors: Are mandatory for all drivers 15 yrs and younger.

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